About Us

Since 1990, we have been producing fabrics on women’s outerwear and we are proud to provide fabric and service to our valued customers. Our plant which is located in Bursa Demirtas Organized District/Zone has 3000 m2 closed and 1500 m2 open area. We reflect the quality of our professional knowledge which is more than 30 years in the sector  for our foreign and domestic customers with our 50 dobby looms of the warmth experience passed from father to son.

MISSION – We present both our own products range of fabric and customers requested fabric with our attentive service and usage of modern technology.

VISION – Our company, which is human-oriented, environment-friendly, open to innovations and modernization, continues its commercial activities with firm steps to be one of the leading suppliers of the sector with its proactive approach that always looks forward with customers.